Package org.exolab.castor.types

The Castor implementation of specific XML Schema Types


Class Summary
AnyNode A class used to represent an XML node.
BaseDescriptor The Base Descriptor class, this class is extended by the descriptors for the custom Castor schema types.
Century Describe an XML schema Century
CenturyDescriptor The Century Descriptor
Date Describe an XML schema Date.
DateDescriptor The Date Descriptor
DateTimeBase The base class for date/time XML Schema types.
Duration This class is the representation of XML Schema datatype: duration.
DurationDescriptor The Duration Descriptor
GDay Describe an XML schema gDay type.
GDayDescriptor The GDay Descriptor
GMonth Describe an XML schema gMonth type.
GMonthDay Describe an XML schema gMonthDay type.
GMonthDayDescriptor The gMonthDay Descriptor.
GMonthDescriptor The GMonth Descriptor
GYear Describe an XML schema gYear type.
GYearDescriptor The GYear Descriptor
GYearMonth Describe an XML schema gYearMonth type.
GYearMonthDescriptor The GYearMonth Descriptor
Month Describe an XML schema Month.
MonthDescriptor The Month Descriptor
RecurringDuration Represents recurringDuration utterly a recurringDuration must contain all the fields :
RecurringDurationBase The base class for recurring Duration types.
RecurringDurationDescriptor The RecurringDuration Descriptor
Time Describes an XML schema Time.
TimeDescriptor The Time Descriptor
TimeDuration Represents the timeDuration XML Schema type.
TimeDurationDescriptor The TimeDuration Descriptor
TimeInstant Describe an XML schema TimeInstant.
TimePeriod Describe an XML schema TimePeriod.
TimePeriodDescriptor The TimePeriod Descriptor
Year Describe an XML schema Year
YearDescriptor The Month Descriptor

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Package org.exolab.castor.types Description

The Castor implementation of specific XML Schema Types

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Arnaud Blandin

This package contains the implementation of the date/time datatypes defined in W3C XML Schema 1.0 Recommendation. Those types are needed by the marshalling framework and the source generator.

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