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About The Castor Project

About the Castor Project

About the Castor Project

The Castor project has been developed out of need: the need to get stuff done and the need to write useful code. It has been designed and coded over many cups of Dunkin Donut's Hazlenut coffee, Starbuck's Latte, and tall no-whip White Mochas, as proof that coffee beans do come in handy.

For a full list of contributors.

The Castor Project was started and originally developed by Keith Visco and Assaf Arkin of Intalio, Inc. Contributors are welcome to join this project. Please join us on the mailing list.

Castor includes software, such as Xerces, Jakarta ORO, and Jakarta Regexp, developed by the Apache Software Foundation. Castor also includes JUnit testing framework.


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