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Short feature list (we haven't got all day):

- Castor XML: Java object model to and from XML (XML databinding)
   - Generate source code from an XML Schema
   - Default introspection or mapping file for existing object models
-Castor JDO: Java object persistence to RDBMS
  • Castor JDO is not the same-as or compatible with Sun's JDO. We have a different approach to handling data object to RDBMS mappings. Please see the JDO FAQ for more information.
  • -XML-based mapping file to specify bindings for existing object models
    -Support for schema-less Java to XML binding
    -In memory caching and write-at-commit reduces JDBC operations
    -Two phase commit transactions, object rollback and deadlock detection
    -OQL query mapping to SQL queries
    -EJB container managed persistence provider for OpenEJB
    -Ability to create base mapping from existing Java classes
    -Ability to create an XML Schema from an XML input document
    See the status page for more information.


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